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''The chorus was securely on its game where expression surpassed technique. Isn't that the name of the game? I believe Camerata's late founder, Vahe Aslanian, would have been astounded at where his chorus is today.''

Scott MacClelland for Performing Arts Monterey Bay
March 11, 2014

''The joy of hearing American folk songs so artfully arranged by one of the most popular contemporary composer/arrangers of the day (who happens to be British) was a true delight. Rutter also arranged the lovely lullaby ''Black Sheep'' appearing later in the program and the rousing closer ''Down By The Riverside''. This absolutely brought down the house because it was prefaced by Koza asking if there was anyone in the audience who played the tuba...''

MaryClare Martin
April 30, 2013

''Koza is never one to shy away from challenging his singers with music that is difficult and rewarding, both for performers and for the audience.''

Reg Huston for Peninsula Reviews
December 08, 2010

''They absolutely had me right from the very first note. The singers maintained a blended, balanced, and full sound throughout....''

David Gordon, for Peninsula Reviews
November 10, 2010